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  • We have the best selection of companies specialised in food safety and hygiene, menu planning, preparation, cooking and varied services from breads, cold soups (Gazpacho), salads, sushi, Spanish tapas, starters, main dishes, desserts and much more like alcoholic beverages or non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Exclusive service and under request. (min. 24 hours in advance) taking into account that the departure of the charter is at 10:00 from Monday to Sunday in general.
  • Prices to consult and special offers for groups and events, such as birthdays, bachelor parties, celebrations, or others with more advance in the reservation and for a minimum of 11 people.
  • Enjoy on board the delicacies of this Mallorcan land! Or we can reserve a table in one of the many restaurants on the coasts with water taxi service.
  • Paellas, seafood, octopus, pasta among many other options depending on the restaurant and the month of the year.
    They will come to pick you up and bring you back to the boat with the taxi service once they finish eating and want to continue enjoying their day at sea.
  • Ask us and we will advise you in the best possible way for your tastes and requests

Rope work, mooring lines & braided strands.

  • Best practises to prolong ropes’ lifespan:
    The service life of ropes can be prolonged by correct rope handling, good installation and maintenance. Crew should be well trained to understand the manuals and recommendations of the manufacturer and pay attention to the mooring ropes. Ropes should be regularly inspected and there should be close cooperation with the manufacturer, including testing of residual strength of the ropes on board.
  • Rope protection can help limit damage. There are several solutions, such as a braided protective jacket on the entire length or parts of the length, or a chafe protection that can be purchased separately.

  • Usage It is recommended to use the same ropes on all positions where ropes are working in parallel. Two ropes working in tandem made of different materials, with different elongation, will not cooperate and the rope with lower elongation will then take the greater share of the load. This situation will decrease the life-span for the overloaded rope. Other factors other than material that will influence this situation are length, diameter, mooring hours, construction, design.

  • Rope handling on board Crew should handle the ropes with care and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Storage: Keep the ropes covered, out from the sunlight and do not store them with chemicals.

  • Rope Installation should be done by experienced crew, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. And therefore we offer all types and sizes of vessels, our professionals to design and dress your boat to make it look good but even more important make it very safe for you, your family, friends and your crew members.

Request a delivery quote for your vessel

  • Specialists in national and international transport of SAILBOATS and MOTOR BOATS.

  • Excellence in the delivery of all types of boats with Neptuno Boats, we specialize in the Mediterranean Sea and international waters for yacht deliveries.

  • Our dedicated team responsible for this very sensitive sector ensure that we fully understand your needs and take care of the delivery of your vessel.
    We work with you every step of your journey to ensure your vessel is delivered in the safest way possible and tailored to your requirements.

  • Our highly experienced and qualified team of captains with years of experience and their crew members, who ensure that the highest standards are maintained for your vessel throughout the entire sailing process until delivery.

  • You will be informed at all times through GPS, which allows you, as the owner, to see the progress at the moment until you reach your destination from the starting point, providing you with peace of mind, security and confidence throughout the process.

Cleaning and Maintenance of vessels and Yachts.

  • Our boat cleaning services are mainly carried out in the south and southeast of the island of Palma de Mallorca, throughout the year for boats moored for example in Puerto de Andratx, Santa Ponsa, Palmanova, Puerto Portals, Puerto Adriano and Port of Palma among other ports on the island.
    We offer services such as machine polishing on discoloured hulls and superstructures to restore shine and clarity. Upon request, maintenance work such as anti-fouling, propeller and shaft cleaning is carried out on your sailing boat or yacht.

  • Monthly, weekly or after-day charter washes provided by Neptuno Boats are ideal for boat owners who want their boat to look its best between machine polishing, a wash when your boat requires it at your marina year-round or short-term, consisting of a soapy wash and rinse of the boat to remove bird strikes and general dirt. We clean the entire superstructure down to deck level while it is moored. Cleaning your hull is only available if we can safely access it.

  • Teak cleaning and restoration for worn, discoloured or damaged decks on your boat. Neptuno Boats can restore teak decks, steps and decks, etc…maintaining newly installed decks or decks that are in good or reasonable condition. To minimise stains and water marks we can advise on a teak sealing service to provide protection. Not only to protect, sealing will give the covers a natural colour.

  • Antifouling for your boat or sailing yacht. Antifouling is a very important part of boat maintenance and we tend to use high quality, environmentally friendly brands both in and out of the water.

  • For more information or if you need a more personalised service on board your boat, do not hesitate to get in touch by completing the contact form via email. contact Neptuno Boats.

Mechanical & Electrical Yacht Services

  • Never get stuck at sea. Always a peaceful mind without worry while enjoying your vessel.
  • Inspections can’t be missed. Issues can’t be ignored. Errors can’t be made. And they won’t with our mechanical and electrical yacht services. These are the most vital systems on a vessel, and Neptuno Boats can maintain, repair, and replace all of the components in these systems so that you can be at peace at sea with the ones you love.
    Maximise your vessel’s performance and your experience.

  • No service is more necessary. No provider is more dedicated to providing you with a team composed of engineers, electricians, mechanics, and engine specialists who can address any and all electrical and mechanical needs you may have. This includes scheduled maintenance plans, repairs, installations, and upgrades. Our team is on call outside of normal business hours for emergency services.

  • When we resolve issues, those issues stay resolved. When we make installations, we create efficiencies. And when we do complex mechanical or electrical work, we explain it simply so that you can navigate without anything to worry about. The more frequently you use your vessel, the more frequently its mechanical systems require professional yacht maintenance. Our engine, drivetrain, and generator services include system checks, fuel system draining, zinc replacements, filter replacements and much more. Prevent mechanical failures at sea with mechanical maintenance in the morning.

  • Essential systems demand exceptional service and top quality.

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